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EU micro and small businesses employed 75.8 million in 2021

In 2021, the EU had 31 million enterprises, employing 156 million persons. Of that total, 98% (30.3 million) were micro and small enterprises with each employing up to 49 persons. Together micro and small enterprises employed 75.8 million persons, i.e., 49% of the total number of all persons employed in enterprises. They generated €3.3 trillion in value added, representing 35% of the total value added (€9.3 trillion).

The 240 000 medium-sized enterprises (50-249 persons employed) represented 0.8% of all enterprises and employed 24.0 million persons, registering a value added of €1.6 trillion (17%).

Even though large enterprises (more than 249 persons employed) represented only 0.2% of the total number of enterprises, they employed more than a third of the business labour force (55.6 million, 36%) and generated almost half (48%) of the value added (€4.4 trillion).

Eurostat, 9 November 2023