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Emission of greenhouse gas in employment in decline

Since 2010, the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) per person employed has been on a continuous decline in the EU, which is due to a combination of decreasing GHG emissions and increasing employment numbers. In 2020, every employed person in the EU produced 13.6 tonnes of GHG emissions, the lowest value on record and 4.4 tonnes less than in 2010.

Among the EU Member States, Denmark (24.7 tonnes of GHG per person employed), Ireland (23.2 t GHG per person employed) and Poland (20.9 t GHG) emitted the highest number of GHG per employed person in 2020

In contrast, Sweden (8.1 t GHG per person employed) and Malta (7.2 t GHG per person employed) emitted the least.

Eurostat, 22 April 2022