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Risk-of-poverty in very low work intensity households at 64%

Work intensity reflects how much all working-age household members have worked as compared to their full potential. Generally, the higher the work intensity within a household (the closer people are to full employment), the lower the probability to be at-risk-of-poverty. Work intensity is shown with three levels, ranging from very low, to medium and very high.

In the EU, the at-risk-of-poverty rate for people aged less than 65 years living in households with very low work intensity was 64.0% in 2020. This rate ranged from 48.7% in Denmark and 49.9% in Ireland to more than 70.0% of the population in nine EU Member States. It reached a peak of 85.4% in Lithuania, followed by Romania (84.2%) and Latvia (80.6%).

Eurostat, 4 August 2022