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EU hourly wages and salaries increased by 4.4% in 2022

In 2022, the average hourly wages and salaries in the whole economy were estimated to be €22.9 in the EU and €25.5 in the euro area. Compared with 2021, they increased by 4.4% in the EU and by 4.0% in the euro area.

Within the euro area, hourly wages and salaries grew among all members. They increased the least in Italy, Malta and Finland (+2.3% each) and the most in Lithuania (+13.4%), Estonia (+8.8%) and Croatia (+8.7%).

For EU countries outside the euro area, the hourly wages and salaries expressed in national currency also increased in all countries. They increased the least in Denmark (+2.2%) and Sweden (+3.0%) and the most in Hungary (+16.4%), Bulgaria (+15.5%), Romania (+12.3%) and Poland (+11.7%).

Eurostat, 20 April 2023