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Group of Other Categories (Group C)

The third Group Members are:

a. four (4) from the Panhellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives (PA.S.E.GE.S.) and two from the General Confederation of Greek Agrarian Associations (GE.S.A.S.E.),

b. a member pursuing professional services from the Lawyers Coordinating Committee, the Greek Medical Association (P.I.S.), the Central Union of Hellenic Chambers (K.E.E.E.), the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E.), the Economic Chamber of Greece (O.E.E.), the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEO.T.E.E.),

c. one (1) representative of the Consumers, environmental protection Organizations, the National Confederation of Disabled People, Organizations on issues of gender equality,

d. two (2) Members from the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (K.E.D.E.),

e. two (2) Members from the Association of Greek Regions (EN.PE.).

f. two (2) Members from the Supreme Confederation of Multi-Child Parents of Greece (A.S.P.E.).

Georgios Goniotakis is the Vice-President of the ESC (Group C).